Affiliated with Dr Madan & Madhuri Kataria, the founders of the worldwide movement of Laughter Yoga...

Your host, Patti, was trained by passionate movement makers such as Dr Kataria (Founder), Linda Leclerc (Master Trainer), Dr Billy Strean (Motivational Speaker) and Mary Morrissey (Brave Thinking Institute)

Patti has successfully lead many Leader Trainings, and has facilitated free laughter clubs, has been speaker, teacher & facilitator at Seniors Conferences, Women's Day, Colleges, Staff Developments, & more.


This online Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training course can be accomplished:

*when you have the time;

*it fits your schedule

*receive your certification as soon as

you complete the course

Assisting you on your laughter journey, HLC ensures that you receive bonus supports:

*a FREE pack of digital breathing and laughter exercise cards

*a FREE Supplemental Info Booklet with some info not found in the manual, along with breathing and relaxation methods

*FREE e-book, "Laugh for no Reason" by Dr Madan Kataria

*guaranteed health benefits

*FREE 6 month Pro-zone membership with Dr Kataria

*3 FREE sources of positive expressions

* FREE Laughter Exercise Tracking sheet

*FREE list of "free videos" that will help you

*an opportunity to serve your community & others with your new skills

*you may contact Hearty Laughter Canada sharing your experiences or asking questions; we're here to serve you!

* Laughter Yoga Course Manuals are in English, French, German, Japanese or Italian


Who is likely to take this training?

*Those wanting to add more laughter to their lives

• Yoga & Fitness Teachers

• Teachers and Educators

• Management or Human Resource Professionals

• Physical & Occupational Therapists

• Healthcare Professionals

• Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Therapists

• Eldercare Workers

• Counselors

• Entertainment Professionals

• Life Coaches

• Therapeutic Clowns

• Alternative Therapists and Healers


We can choose to stay the same or go on an adventure:

If you are caring and compassionate,

wanting to operate out of a higher vibrational frequency

helping others find a transformational path,

this course is for you!

If you want more laughter in your life, it will cause a

ripple effect with the people around you. You'll feel the

difference and they'll see the difference.

This course is for you!

If you wish to add Laughter Yoga to the repertoire of

healing and transformational modalities

that you already operate out of,

this course is for you!


What you will learn in this course:

Learn how to integrate more laughter into your own life; join Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Patti Goertzen in this unique training workshop that is life changing!

Patti’s experience with Laughter Yoga has been life changing; it has restored hope, confidence and purpose. She will share her

Laughter Story with you.

The training (CLYL) will give you everything you need to get started, and more!!

As a CLYL, you can lead Laughter Club sessions in social clubs and senior centers, offer Laughter Club classes in your general community, at yoga & fitness centers, present Laughter Club workshops in schools or businesses, and integrate Laughter Club into your own business practice, instruction, or healing modality. …and enjoy the personal benefits of laughter and watch the dynamics in your life change!




• Give you an understanding of Laughter Club

• Enable you to confidently talk about Laughter Club and the benefits of laughter

• Give you practice creating new laughter exercises

• Help you add more laughter into your life and the lives of others. *Provide an environment to discover your own laughter,

reaping immediate benefits

• Show you how to release tension in a safe and positive way

*How to take groups to deeper levels of joy and

inner peace through Laughter

• Inspire and empower you to start your own Laughter Club

• Teach you the skills and give you the confidence to teach Laughter Club classes (free or paid),

both with the general public and specific groups

• Enable you to incorporate laughter appropriately into your professional and personal relationships

• Connect you with a network of Laughter professionals

around the world

• Provides a safe environment for participants to laugh without inhibition creating fun, memories and new laughter friends

• Spark creativity in you to go beyond the basics of Laughter Yoga • Boost your self-confidence; find hope in yourself again and in those around you.



The physical, mental and emotional

benefits of laughter:

*Clarity of mind

* Pain Management

*Being in the present

*A higher vibrational frequency

*A healthy level of self condidence

*Release tension in a safe and positive way

*Positive mind/perception changing benefits

*Connections with like-minded people

*Instilling joy and inner peace into your life

and into the lives of others



This transforming time is meant for you if you answer "YES" to anyone of the following:

• ... more laughter and joy, in my daily life

• become an expert at inspiring others

to laugh quickly & easily

• ... to be officially certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader

• start and facilitate a Laughter Club

• lead laughter sessions in companies & corporations, yoga & fitness centers, schools, hospitals

& homes for seniors and other health venues

• offer public seminars using laughter to

inspire & uplift others


Laughter Training is a place to grow and experience transformation!!

Laughter is good medicine!

  • Laughter releases happy hormones; negativity cannot exist at that point.

  • Laughter can be part of a pain relief regimen.

  • Laughter is understood in every language and culture! Laughter is an inclusive language of love & acceptance!

  • Laughter is non-politcal and non-religious! Laughter is universal creating unity!



We are absolutely positive that this laughter course will deliver you certification, a greater confidence, an opportunity,

a healthy choice, and a life time of transformation.